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About us

Welcome to Wellcon TV, a dynamic manufacturer and innovator located in the bustling heart of Delhi. We take pride in revolutionizing the way you experience entertainment and cooling solutions. Our comprehensive product range encompasses state-of-the-art LED TVs, specialized vertical display TVs, interactive touch LED TVs, interactive educational display LED TVs, digital signage, and a complete lineup of cooling solutions that include Split Air Conditioners, Inverter Split Air Conditioners, and Window ACs in various capacities.

Our Diverse Product Portfolio

    1. LED TVs: Experience the future of entertainment with our high-quality LED TVs. They are designed to bring vibrant visuals and crystal-clear audio into your living room, offering a cinematic experience like no other.
    2. Vertical Display TVs: Our vertical display TVs are perfect for businesses and organizations seeking a unique and eye-catching way to engage their audience. These displays are versatile and adaptable for various applications, from digital menus to advertising. 
    3. Interactive Touch LED TVs: Elevate your presentations and collaborative efforts with interactive touch LED TVs. These displays are ideal for educational institutions, boardrooms, and interactive digital signage solutions.
    4. Interactive Educational Display LED TVs: We understand the importance of modernizing educational tools. Our interactive educational display LED TVs are tailored for engaging, interactive learning experiences.
    5. Digital Signage: Make a lasting impression and captivate your audience with our digital signage solutions. Whether you’re looking to advertise, inform, or entertain, our digital signage offers the flexibility and power to achieve your goals.
    6. Cooling Solutions: Beat the Delhi heat with our range of cooling solutions, including Split Air Conditioners, Inverter Split Air Conditioners, and Window ACs in 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2 Ton capacities. Our ACs offer rapid cooling, energy efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation, ensuring you stay comfortable year-round.

Our Core Values

At Wellcon TV, our commitment to excellence is unwavering, grounded in our core values:

1. Quality: We are dedicated to producing products of the highest quality. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards.

2. Innovation: We stay ahead of the curve by continually embracing the latest technological advancements, guaranteeing our products remain at the forefront of innovation.

3. Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide exceptional customer service, swift responses to inquiries, and dependable post-purchase support to ensure your experience with Wellcon TV is exceptional.

4. Environmental Responsibility: As a responsible company, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint by offering energy-efficient products and minimizing waste in our manufacturing processes.

Choose Wellcon TV

When you choose Wellcon TV, you’re opting for a brand that values quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking to elevate your entertainment experience with our cutting-edge TVs or seeking reliable and efficient cooling solutions for your home or business, we have the ideal products.

Experience the Wellcon TV difference and become a part of our ever-expanding community of satisfied customers. Thank you for considering us as your trusted partner in embracing the latest technology and comfort solutions, delivered straight from Delhi to your doorstep. Your satisfaction is our success, and we look forward to serving you with top-of-the-line products and services.

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